Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Be friendly to human beings, to the land, to the locals, and to the environment. Present the beauty of this land to the whole world.
Rural Youth Retention
We aim to provide local job opportunities for the youths so that they can stay in their hometowns.

Start from the beginning, and find prospects! With the opening of our Chanshuo locations, we create various job opportunities and recruit locals to join our team. We together, promote the beauty and uniqueness of the land, and provide the youth with multiple career options in their hometown. We broadcast the beauty of rural areas to more people.

Make your journey eco-friendly!

It’s hard to avoid carbon footprints when we travel. Yet, we keep looking for ways to reduce pollution to the environment. We use energy-efficient appliances and water-saving devices. We cook with local food to lower the production of carbon footprint. We don’t use disposable toiletries. For example, in ChangShuo: WooRao, the toothbrush we provide is made of Taiwanese Moso Bamboo rather than low-cost plastic toothbrushes. With the help of every tourist, we can save millions of plastic products.

Travel Green
Inspire by the locals
We support local farmers by cooperating with local farms and buying meat, seasonal vegetable, and mushroom from them. Eat local! Eat seasonally!

The chefs of Chanshuo cook local traditional dishes with in-season food. The dishes change with the seasons. The cooperation with local farmers provides tourists with more local experiences.

Explore the beauty of rural areas, and revitalize the local tourism and hospitality industry.

Taiwan not only has a unique natural landscape but also has many unexplored secret spots waiting for people to discover. Chanshuo aims at promoting local Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). We would love to let more domestic and international tourists know about these areas. While people explore the areas, local tourism will be revitalized.

Local revitalization


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