Our Locations

Chanshuo made a promise to discover secret spots in Taiwan. We would like to provide a location for tourists to escape from the noise, relax, and restore! Which of our locations will be your next destination?

Taichung-Chanshuo:Immersion Glamping
Start a new journey of camping at a warm and orangish sunset.

Encircled by mountains is a campsite hidden in Goldenrain trees. There are only a few tents in this campground. Spend a night under the stars, and you will find out that the world is so big that it contains more than just worries. Join us in Serenity. A stay in Serenity offers you all the beauty.

Hidden in the clouds. The home of clouds

‘WooRao’ means ‘fertile land’ in the Atayal language, a land blessed by their gods. Hidden in the clouds, pass through layers of white clouds, and you will find a glamping site in Atayal style! On the spring equinox, pink cherry blossoms and white plum flowers bloom all over the campground. embellishing the mountains with bright colors.

Nantou-Chanshuo:The Pavilion of Phoenix
Enjoy four seasonal sceneries in sustainable chalets in the mist.

Our luxury chalets are hidden in the clouds. You can see a hazy view of the greenish mountains. We have various plants, woods, a fern trail, a cherry blossom tunnel, and a tealeaf garden on our campsite. We designed creative seasonal events based on our unique landscape, artistic inspiration, and seasonal features. Escape from the hotness in the mountains and look for fireflies in summer, while roaming under the falling petals of cherry blossoms in spring.

Accompany by a great view of mountains, you will experience the Bunun history and culture here.

Located in Xinyi Township, Nantou County, our glass houses in the woods provide you with magical experiences in nature. This location is on the site of Heshe Natural Education Park, which was designed as accommodation for students’ internships. The old houses were renovated in 1997 once because it was too old. In 2021, cooperated with Chanshuo, we renovated the houses while keeping their original details to preserve their history. Our Shippoku – dinner in Japanese culinary style – is popular among visitors.

Nantou -Chanshuo:Forestville
Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying hot springs at the foot of Mount Jade!

On your way to Mount Jade, you will find the landscape, the woods, and the sky astonishingly beautiful. When you arrive at the secret hot springs spot at the bottom of Mount Jade, you will find yourself immersed in a Japanese hot spring town with traditional wooden houses and Japanese landscape gardening.

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Gaomei Wetland.

The culture, the terrain, and the tides create a uniquely fascinating conservation area for wildlife. It is like a 24/7 natural science museum. The purple sunset shines at the entire Gaomei Wetland, making you immersed in the incomparably romantic environment.

Taichung-Chanshuo:Slowly Sunset
新竹-蟬說: 霧語